A Little about us...

Matthew Walsh - Glass Artist and Cafe Owner

Matthew Walsh is a skilled artist and has been working with Glass for the last 20 years. After wanting to try something new he has fallen in love with the more delicate world of Lampworked Glass.

As a result, he has set up a new workshop and studio shop in the centre of Tiverton, Devon in 2019 (yes 3 months before the dreaded Covid era). Avo Glass Design was born

After running this successful little shop for the last 3 years, an opportunity  arose to open the craft café in South Molton… so here we are!

So now you can meet Matt, discuss commissions and if you're lucky even catch him making some glass! Talk to him nicely and I'm sure he will turn his torch on and show you how its done!

The shop in Tiverton is still open and is now being ran conjunction with 2 other very skilled artists who can be found working in there most days. 

For more information visit the website - avoglassdesign.co.uk

Why Avocados?

This is something we get asked a lot... do we really love Avocados THAT much?
The answer is no... not really anyway!

It all started when me (Matt) and Emma (my better half) when on holiday to Corfu. While there, we got engaged and as it was a little out the blue and not planned there was no ring. Being on holiday and a little tipsy, we decided to celebrate by getting matching tattoos - of Avocados!
Mine holding a slice of pizza and Em's holding a G&T
But why Avocados... we dont know - it just seemed to be a good idea at the time!

On returning from holiday, word obviously got out about the tattoos with our friends and family. Naturally this meant that from then on we were known as Avocado lovers and suddenly every birthday / Christmas / any gift really was all avocado based.

So since 2018 we have been the crazy avocado couple... and therefore we couldn't call the businesses after anything else.

If you don't believe me and want proof.... I dare you to ask to see the Tattoo...